e-MTA G2 has been upgraded!! Let's PRE ORDER IT

  • ER4 G3 4WD WRC MINI COOPER RTR- Nitro 2.4GHz


    Be the one of WRC player

    The MINI WRC regeneration is now released!!
    Rugged, durable and fast- this is everything a rally car should be and more. Long racing suspension arms keep you flying over any track conditions while others bottom out.

  • ST-1 Nitro Powered 4WD Stadium Racing Truck RTR


    $633.29 =You Save 29%!

    The ST-1 comes with a race proven extra-long anodized aluminum chassis for added durability, super strong composite arms, and adjustable pivot balls. Both front and rear sway bars are also standard.

  • Volans Trimaran Racing Yacht


    USD $326.59SAVE USD $70.8

    Combine exhilarating flying experience and high-quality photography or video filming.

    Pleasure Meets Performance! Introduce a Tri-maran, the Volans, which combines the latest sailing technology and art design.



    The most frightening Electric Monster ever seen!
    Get ready to handle this awesome machine that you would have never seen before!
    Titan X50 Electric is inherited from the Nitro version but 100% exclusive design is promised for a electric power, which is acceptable between 8~12S LiPo so that its performance is enhanced to a new high peak .

  • Titan X50 Nitro Flybarless - Motor & ESC


    Engineered for Excellence!
    Motor & ECS

    The Titan X50F expands upon the Titan X50 legacy with flybarless innovation!
    All the features that have made the Titan X50 a top seller are still here — and the flybarless upgrade adds the benefits of faster response rates, more power, longer flight times, fewer parts and overall simplicity of design.

  • Raptor 50 SE V2 - Nitro


    This model was designed and engineered by the World-renowned Mr.Shigetada Taya.
    It combines elements of his previously successful designs with today's advanced technologies. It is more rugged and has even better flying performance than the original successful Raptor 50.

  • New RAPTOR E700 v2 FL


    USD $899.99
    SAVE 24% = USD $220
    High Performance on its Stability & Light Weight!

    The Raptor E700 is the hottest heli to hit the scene in years. It looks wicked, because it is wicked. A Shigetada Taya design — with Nick Maxwell-approved "tweaks" — makes it tough enough for epic 3D maneuvers. Speed and agility are second to none. And you can't beat the price. When you add it all up, there's no doubt that the Raptor E700 is today's best value in flybarless 700-class helis!



    New version of the already A flybarless 3D monster!
    Exciting news for 3D pilots:
    the Mini Titan E360 has been stretched to handle longer blades and a 4S pack!